Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bill Bailey, Woodlice, and Moral Fibre

Bill Bailey (born Mark Bailey 24 February 1964)

I recall my first taste of Bill bailey way back when, all he had was a humble keyboard (probably a Roland) and little else, but with a few choice notes and wide eyed looks amongst other accentuated facial expressions and occasional seductive flicks of the hair he made a lasting impression on me. Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe Mr. Bailey’s unique niche in comedy,
it’s near on impossible to compare him to any other comedy act out there, few match his ludicrousness and even fewer his musical prowess, of which I am constantly in awe of (and I'm pleased to say were there a Venn diagram of Bill's Top 10 Albums and my personal choices, we would be at least 75% compatible, albeit musically speaking)

Not restricted to stand-up comedy, Bill Bailey is one of the most versatile comedians I know of, he has mastered the ability to ad-lib and act and transpose his comedy into a veritable feast of hilarity; numerous guest appearances on HIGNFY, QI, a sorely missed team captain on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, not to mention his most memorable performance as Manny alongside Dylan Moran (a.k.a. Bernard Black) in what is rapidly becoming a cult sitcom “Black Books” to name but a few of his undeniably classic moments.

The demise of Black Books (purely it seems on the basis that Mr. Moran got bored and wanted to move on, which is fair enough) and Bills resignation from Buzzcocks caused considerable pain but has been eased by his appearance on Twitter, it seems he is just as funny in real life as on the stage (which is not always the case for comedians…indeed in my case it seems to be the complete reverse, funny in life but shite on stage…ho-hum) anyway I self-indulgently digress, as I was saying, twitter has become a public, macro-blog outlet for Mr. Bailey, his recent travels have brought about many amusing anecdotes via Twitter, including the adventures of Leonard (Bill’s highly trained but nevertheless enslaved Woodlouse) and close encounters with Komodo Dragons. If you’re not on Twitter yet, to follow Bill Bailey is reason enough to sign-up.

I must confess my desire to bear Bill Bailey’s love-child (albeit with a slight genetic modification to ensure my hair genes over-ride his, ie. More on top, less everywhere else) alas this bears little weight anymore as it is becoming increasingly apparent that I’d be willing to reproduce with the majority of comedians that I find hilarious, but my lack of moral fiber aside, Bill Bailey is high on my list of favorite all time comedians and should I eliminate a few dead ones, quite possibly he would be a contender for pole position (I resist the urge to euphemise…again)

In short, Bill Bailey is pure genius. I adore the man and find it hard to believe that there’s anyone out there who doesn’t find him an intensely funny comedian.

Bill Bailey IS on Twitter
Bill Bailey’s Official Website

plus a few tasters on Youtube:

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